Frequently asked questions


  • What payment methods are available?

FBG Collectibles accepts the following payment methods

  • Credit/Debit  using Mesh Payments (USA only)
  • Cash, Money Orders, and Cashiers Checks

Bitcoin, Google pay, cash app, and others please contact

Please read the following information regarding payments and shipping.

Mesh –  Our Mesh payment gateway requires a bit more personal information and may take a couple of minutes to complete the credit/debit transaction. For more about Mesh please click this link.

Cash, Money Order, and Cashiers Checks – make payments payable to FBG Collectibles P.O. Box 94 Benton City, WA  99320 please include your order number on a note and include tracking so your payment doesn’t get lost. Products will be mailed as soon as your payment has been cleared through our financial institution.

  •  When will my order ship?

All orders will be shipped within 7 days of payment completion. If you send a money order or cashier’s check your order will be shipped as soon as the check or money order clears my financial institution. You will also receive an email with a tracking number.

  •  Will my order be discrete?

All orders are shipped in an envelope or a flat rate box with no logos or any other information besides shipping addresses.

  •  Can I get a refund?

All sales are final after orders are shipped. If you need to edit or make changes prior to shipping please contact us at

For orders outside of the United States, please contact us at